Simple Love Spell Casting

If you want to try out a love spell and would like to see if magic is something you can use in your life, here is a simple love spell casting to get you started on the right track.

Depending on how much faith and positivity you have while doing the spell, it may take you a couple of tries to start seeing results. However, being a beginner, you can't expect instant results. Energy shifting takes time, balance & focusing. Allow the spell to be released into the universe and just allow it to do it's thing.

Try and do this spell near or on a full moon.

"Bring a Lover To Me Spell"

You will need the following items:

1. Red Candle

2. A Sheet of Paper

3. Pen or Pencil

4. Photo of Beloved (optional)

5. A Small Bowl of Water + Salt (about a teaspoon of salt)

6. A Blue Cloth/Fabric Piece


+ Take your red candle and light it in a private place, preferably your bedroom.

+ Recite this small saying to allow the universal energies to flow into your spell:
"O, my beloved, how I desire thee. I perform this spell to bring you closer to me. For as I speak it, so shall it be done. We will make it and become one. You and I.... I and you, our love will become everlasting & true."
+ Take your sheet of paper and write down 5 words that best represent your feelings for this person and fold it 3 times.

+ Wrap the blue cloth around the paper and optional photo of your beloved, and begin to soak everything in the salt water for 5 minutes.

+ Take this ritual item and place it somewhere outside hidden in your garden or yard area, where it can't be seen.

+ Leave it there for 3 nights.

+ On the 4th day, take all these items and discard them, privately.

This ritual is very simple and requires little to no skill to follow these steps. However, it takes a bit of a natural gift and talent to really see results from this. Just be positive and allow the spell to do the work for you, and you will see the changes!


ravenfyre said…
thanks so much for this spell! i am going to give it a try! blessed be!

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